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130 support measures for the Family - Proposals for a Comprehensive Family Policy by IPF

The Institute for Family Policies (IPF) from Spain has published on 27th of November, 2015 "130 support measures for the Family".


The main conclusion of this report is that the family has been largely abandoned by the authorities. Spain has over 35 years of family vulnerability. As a result of this abandonment by the Public Administrations, Spain is now an aging society, without children, with solitary homes, and has fewer marriages and more broken families and unsatisfied.


It is for this reason that the Institute for Family Policies (IPF), coinciding with general elections scheduled for next December 20, has addressed the completion of a report, entitled  “130 Support Measures for the Family”,  to provide a coordinated set of measures we consider essential for the development of a truly comprehensive policy of family support for the various political parties to incorporate in their electoral programs.


It does not cover all that can and should be developed. There are many more, but we're considering the ones to be envisaged with more urgency. Also, being a set of 130 measures, a very high number, it is shown that the deficit in support and promotion to family in Spain is still high.


In this context, this set of measures is divided into 10 areas of action with more than 10 measures each. These areas are:

·         family as an institution;

·         the commitment to family and convergence with Europe;

·         towards a family culture;

·         more than decent housing, a home;

·         the right to freedom to have children;

·         the right to reconcile work and family life;

·         the right to marital stability;

·         the right of parents to educate their children;

·         towards a perspective of family taxation;

·         the active participation of families and associations.


It is a set of measures that deals with promoting family from a family perspective. A comprehensive family policy that includes concrete universal measures, targeting to support and promote the family institution and its various components. Measures to be measurable and oriented to meet the needs and family problems such as adequate housing, being able to have the desired number of children, care and child support, education, marital stability and reconciliation of work and family life.

It is important to note that although this report is specific to Spain believe that most of the proposed measures can be extrapolated to other countries.

The Institute for Family Policies (IPF) is an independent international civil organisation, founded in 2001, whose mission is the promotion and defense the family institution. IPF is a legal entity, which headquarters are in Madrid, Spain, but has structure and representation in several countries in Europe and Latin-American.  IPF is a supranational organization that partners with family organizations around the globe. IPF  has special consultative status with ECOSOC of the United Nations.



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